Test Results Pack Two Blurred Lines, Is a Sign of Pregnancy

When you realize that you are menstruating late, you might immediately use a test pack or pregnancy test to find out the results. When you get the results in the form of two lines but faint, what does that mean? Pregnancy test kits are commonly used, have a negative meaning of pregnancy when showing a line. Whereas, the results of the two lines showed positive pregnancy. Then, what about the results of two faint lines? Getting to Know the Meaning of Results of Test Samar Pregnancy test kits that you use at home, are designed to determine the presence or absence of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the urine. In pregnancy, levels of the hormone hCG will increase in the blood, and can also be detected in the urine, which will bring up the results of two lines on the pregnancy test. It's just that in some women, the second line that appears on the pregnancy test kit looks faint. Here are some possible causes for the appearance of faint lines on the test pack. Yo…
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